What do women do for killer marketing strategies?

How women are marketing online different than men.

The battle of the sexes might not be the same today as it was 30 years ago. However, what does remain the same is the fact that women market differently than men.

For example, women tend to create marketing campaigns that elicit emotions. Since they are very emotional creatures, marketing through emotion is very easy.

Men on the other hand, will market with a result of making more money or increasing their roi.

This seems to be the main difference in marketing between the 2 sexes.

Now although one isn’t better than the other, their goals are vastly different.

Women and men are both creative, however women tend to create advertising strategies that connect with people through emotional content. To have a campaign that makes you FEEL something, is the goal.

Conversely, men will shoot for strategies that have greater conversions, and they want to look at the numbers and data. Men will often start to think of an advertising campaign in terms of the demographics and household income to determine the direction of the marketing strategy.

While both ways of thinking can be successful, often times the best way to look at how successful an ad campaign is, is to look at the revenue and or leads that were generated.

As a whole, focusing on the bottom line, is what is naturally hardwired into men’s brains. Men think in terms of how much will this costs, and what do we need to invest in to make this happen.

With women, they think in terms of relationships and developing long-term trust with clients that will make more money in the long run.



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