How to create the best solution from any conflict

Conflict resolution can be difficult for some

You’ve been there before. You get into a confrontation with a co-worker, and the emotions start to run high.

The first thing that we want to do, is lash out and get our point across – without caring about the other person’s point of view.

Your blood is boiling and it is very hard to remain calm and keep your cool. So what can you do to maintain the situation so that it doesn’t get out of control?

First, stop and count to 10. Take some deep breaths while doing this and keep your blood pressure down. Try and think of a way to respond to the conflict and not react.

When our emotions start o go up, the first thing we want to do is automatically react to the situation. Doing this will surely create a more tense environment and get nothing accomplished.

Better to take time and think of a response that will diffuse the situation. Don’t apologize for your response, but instead try and respond with…”So what you’re saying is….”

By responding with this question, and repeating what the other person just said, will make them feel like you’re listening to them. Instead of taking at them, you’re creating a discussion that moves toward a common agreement.

Next, try and restate what the discussion is about, and offer solutions that will help both parties achieve what they want. Yeah there might be some compromise for both parties, but better to try and reach a solution versus screaming and yelling at each other.

When we react to a conflict, we speak from emotion and hurt feelings and the discussion goes nowhere. This will quickly turn into a yelling match and have no use at all in solving the conflict.

Better to take time, stop and think about what you’re thinking about and respond.

Respond don’t react.


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